Rejuvenation of face, neck, neckline and hands

Esthetic Medicine

Rejuvenation, and in particular the facial, involves treating a wide range of signs of skin aging: benign brown spots or pigmentations (solar rays, senile lentigines, melasmas …), red spots or vascular spots (spiders (Such as lips, cheekbones, …), flaccidity, warts, acrochordomas and keratoses, scars and other large numbers Of signs. We also treat the Poikilodermia of Civatte.

Emphasize neck and neck, solar and vascular marronaceous spots, wrinkles that form in the central area of ​​the neckline and vertical bands as “ropes” that begin to creep into the neck.

In hands, the brown spots and loss of volume, which mark the veins and tendons of these, draws attention to us, subtracting the youth that we feel in our interior and we would like to transmit.

The concept of rejuvenation encompasses an immense arsenal of treatments that medical science has been giving us throughout many years of study and improvement. In Benzaquén Clinic (both in Malaga and Marbella), and by the hand of its medical director, Dr. Benzaquén, there is practically all the arsenal mentioned at your disposal to agree with you that techniques are the most appropriate in your case:

IPL (AFT Sistem )


Fillings / Implants

Revitalizing Mesotherapy / Vitamin MesotherapyMesoplastia Facial

Botulinum toxin (Botox)

Chemical peels

Maximus Radiofrequency

Infrared Light



Plasma rich in Platelet Growth Factors and Mesoplasty with Stem Cells



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